“Negativity is the enemy of creativity.”
- David Lynch
 Ashley is a Lawrence, Kansas native who has always been drawn to things beautiful, sensible and well organized. She sees design as an opportunity to communicate ideas in a way that contributes to the beauty of the world. She’s found her creative tribe at Design Brilliance where a collaborative relationship with clients is paramount, her passion lies in understanding the true nature of things and building a seed of an idea into a finely tuned creative reality that educates, enlightens and motivates. She is a little unique among "artistic types" in my LOVE for a clear plan and a deadline. Ashley is very skilled at loving all animals too much, cooking and reading food blogs and geeking out over a well-designed magazine. She also loves both print and web design and sees the value in understanding their production and loves creating a seamless message with the two. She loves getting to know clients on their journey of bringing their ideas and goals to life and helping them to define their dreams. Ashley has a degree from the University of Kansas in Art History and took courses from Johnson County Community College in Graphic Design. She’s surrounded herself by art and inspiration her whole life and is living in harmony with that passion as designer.

Design is not just what is looks like a feels like. Design is how it works.

Make it simple, but significant.



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